02 Mar 2011 @ 1:37 AM 

If you’re a member of the New Zealand Computer Society you need to take notice:

For the first time all voting members of the society will be able to vote on-line for their local representatives. All positions in the branch committees are up for grabs, including the branch representative on the national council. Please take the time to login in to the NZCS website and vote in this historic event.

If you’ve ever had an opinion on what events have and have not been run, now’s your time to have your say.

I am standing as an independent candidate for the Auckland branch committee. I have been serving on the committee for the past year, you may have seen me as MC on the National Series events, or around the traps at other events and am well placed to continue on all the things you like about the Auckland branch. But I appreciate that there is a need for change in the approach to connecting to our younger members.

As an independent candidate I propose to keep the elected committee focused on the needs of the branch members, and the society as a whole.

Over the past year I have seen many great events run successfully but with often poor turnouts. I plan to work to find out why this is and address this for the members here in Auckland.

The society has done many great things over the years, and the ITCP program and the Kiwiskills initiative are great things to follow on from that, unfortunately we have become disconnected with our members at branch level and a new approach is needed to start building the connections again and find out what the members want from their society.

As someone fairly new to the IT industry the computer society has been a great chance for me to get to meet like-minded professionals. As a gracious recipient of this service of the society, I now want to play my part and help grow the societies membership and make it an interesting group to be involved in.

I am currently employed as business application support team leader at Air New Zealand and am acutely aware of the issues within both the society and the IT industry as a whole.

Remember to cast your vote, if you don’t how can you get what you want from your society.

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 26 Jun 2010 @ 1:48 PM 

Well, hello again, here we go with another post…. I’ve been living with my new Samsung Galaxy S now for about two months and I have to say how totally impressed I am with the whole package, the Android OS which I have experienced before in my previous phone as been great and the extra horsepower the Samsung adds to the mix really makes the phone fly, I see very little of the lag the plagued some of the Magic’s applications. the flexibility of the Android platform still astounds me and the number of apps on the Market and in the wider developer community is just growing from strength to strength. Apple Definitely have a fight on their hands.

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